About the Artist

WORUBO is just a guy who likes to make clothes!

I am an Asian-American designer from the San Francisco Bay Area. I make clothes as a way to express myself and everything I love. I really do wish that you are able to feel the love that I put into my work. Thank you for visiting me!

I sell my clothes online here as well as at conventions!

2018 Convention Schedule 

(only confirmed one's listed currently! I apply to more throughout the year!)

SacAnime (Winter) - Sacramento, CA

FanimeCon (Dealers Hall) - San Jose, CA

Anime Expo - Los Angeles, CA

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ ~see ya there~

Past Events


SacAnime (Winter) - Sacramento, CA, January 6-8

Silicon Valley Comic-Con - San Jose, CA, April 21-23

FanimeCon (Dealers Hall) - San Jose, CA, May 26-29

A-Kon - Fort Worth, TX, June 8-11

Anime Expo - Los Angeles, CA, July 1-4

SacAnime (Summer) - Sacramento, CA, September 1-3


SacAnime Winter - Sacramento, CA, January 1-3

A-Kon - Dallas, TX , June 3-5

Anime Expo - Los Angeles, CA, July 1-4

Otakon - Baltimore, MD, August 12-14

SacAnime Summer - Sacramento, CA, September 2-4

NYCC Anime Festival (Sponsor) - NYC, NY, October 8

Thanks for visiting and hanging out with me!!

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