Otakon!! My first time on the east coast!

Otakon is finally over and wow that was a wild trip! This is my first time going to a con all by myself and it was my first time on the east coast ever and wow that was... an experience.. Lugging around all of my packages and dealing with that humidity was a such a pain ;-; Also those hours at the con.. working from 10am until 11pm and not having a partner/helper was so exhausting! And even after the con ended there were still more problems! I got stuck at my layover overnight because bad weather caused me to miss my connecting flight in Vegas... I had to sleep on the airport ground and just wander around from 10pm til 7am ;-; and then they even lost my luggages when I finally got home!

But it was all worth it though this was my most successful con yet! It means so much to me that so many of you liked my stuff so much T^T Thank you for keeping this lonely artist company this weekend I really enjoyed talking to so many people! Getting to talk to and meet so many nice amazing people kept me alive during those long con hours, and also all that food and drinks people brought me LITERALLY kept me alive because I didn't get a chance to ever leave my table ;-; So thank you so much you all have my sincerest thanks for literally keeping my from dying! I really hope I can come back to the east coast again everyone is sooooooo nice there it was a real pleasure!

Until next year!

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