FANIME!! My First Dealers Booth!

FINALLY A LOCAL CON FOR ME!! THANK YOU FOR COMING TO MY BOOTH AT FANIME!! This was my first time having an dealers booth instead of an artist alley table and it was soooo fun!! I was lucky to get off the waitlist for dealers like 2 weeks prior and i was like ya know i've already got rejected from fanime artist alley twice so WHY NOT! I had a lot of fun with the set up (with like the backdrop, lights, mirror, potted plants, music, etc) it felt like a little pop up shop i loved it! It was soooo nice seeing SO MANY FRIENDS i loved hanging out with everyone that would just come by and chill with me for a while!! I can’t get over how fun this weekend was it was one of the best weekends of my life!

I already renewed my contract for next year so I’ll definitely be back!! CANT WAIT!!

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