Anime Expo was a blast! also super sweaty

Wow four day cons are soooo tiring.. This was my first time going to AX and wow it was an experience.. On top of this being my first table without a partner so I could not leave my table during the con, there wasn't AC down in the artist alley basement so I was just stuck sweating at my table all day ;; but other than that it was a great time! Even though I just stalked up I was cleaned out of some stuff so thank you for all the support! I had so much fun seeing friends irl and meeting so much new people! Also wow food in LA is sooo good I ate so much good shiiitttttt. Thank you for such an amazing time it felt like a big family :') I already got a table for next year so I guess you'll see me again LA!

see ya at the next con @ otakon! ^3^ ♡


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